Unleashing renewable energy to power Africa and create jobs

Olumide Idowu of the International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI Africa) outlines how Africa is working towards renewable energy resources and investing in innovative climate solutions. He highlights the enormous benefits of a just transition in empowering communities, combating energy poverty, and creating jobs. 

ICCDI Africa is a member of the independent Global Stocktake (iGST) West Africa Hub, a coalition of regional organizations advocating for their national leaders to deliver robust responses to the Global Stocktake. 

The #BoldClimateActionIs campaign showcases how our network of partners and grantees is driving bold climate action and how leaders can scale these solutions. Join the conversation on social media and tell the world what #BoldClimateActionIs to you.

“Africa is paving the way toward a sustainable future, and it’s time for us to power Africa together.”
Olumide Idowu
International Climate Change Development Initiative

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