ClimateWorks Global Programs

We drive innovation and climate solutions that scale.

Through our portfolio of global and transnational climate mitigation strategies and grantmaking, we help funders maximize their philanthropic impact.

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ClimateWorks supports climate change mitigation efforts from early explorations to scaled initiatives. We help develop innovative and high-impact solutions, fund their implementation, and scale up those that show the greatest promise.

Geographic expertise

In addition to our program leadership, we also provide funders with expertise to help design and implement grantmaking strategies that drive climate progress. By harnessing our global networks and philanthropic infrastructure, we also help funders and other partners in the climate philanthropy ecosystem to connect, share knowledge, and advance solutions together.

China and India

We work with partner foundations in the U.S. and Europe that are interested in China and India by providing timely and context-specific advice, analysis, and recommendations on innovative climate solutions. We help develop joint ideas and strategies, identify local partners, and also actively engage with governments, the local philanthropic community, and civil society to share international experiences and best practices in mitigating climate change.

Our commitments to grantees

ClimateWorks recognizes the valuable work, expertise, and efforts of our grantees and implementing partners and their partnership with us. We know that a critical piece of solving the climate crisis is building just and equitable partnerships with a wide range of people and organizations around the world. We respect grantees’ time, capacity, and expertise and strive to minimize burdens associated with receiving grant funding.

As we embrace justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion principles, respond to grantee feedback, and continue to learn and evolve, we strive for ClimateWorks grantees to experience:

Strong and positive relationships: ClimateWorks staff cultivate open communications with grantees and foster relationships where grantees feel that they are in partnership with ClimateWorks and safe to discuss challenges.

Responsiveness: Grantees have clarity on relevant ClimateWorks staff to contact and receive proactive communication and timely responses. Grantees can expect acknowledgment of any messages within 72 working hours.

Clear expectations: Grantees receive requirements related to their grant and relevant updates throughout the grant process. Grantees are also given context for requests, and ClimateWorks is transparent about how we use grantee materials.

Respect: Grantees feel respected and treated as essential partners. They understand ClimateWorks’ intentions and trust that staff are upfront and honest with them. Grantees also have confidence that ClimateWorks staff will adapt in response to continuous learning.

Funding of true costs: Grantees feel assured that ClimateWorks applies a consistent approach to covering the full costs of work undertaken in partnership with ClimateWorks. ClimateWorks staff aim to understand and eliminate additional financial burdens that arise from receiving a ClimateWorks grant.

Value beyond the grant: We hope that grantees benefit from their relationship with ClimateWorks beyond receiving financial support. In addition to funds to support their work, when possible, grantees will also have access to non-monetary support, such as activities and relationships that ClimateWorks facilitates.

Living up to these commitments

Delivering on our commitments to grantees is an ongoing effort, and ClimateWorks evaluates and updates our policies and practices based on continued learning and feedback.  To provide input, ClimateWorks welcomes feedback from our grantees through direct conversations, by emailing, and by using this anonymous form.  

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Over the past decade, ClimateWorks has built a world-class grantmaking infrastructure that has enabled us to make more than $1.8 billion in grants to over 850 grantees in more than 50 countries around the world. Our programmatic expertise enables us to make strategic investments across a wide range of sectoral and geographic climate change mitigation opportunities using a diverse set of philanthropic intervention strategies.