Food & Agriculture

Why food, why now?

The global food system produces 34% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Left unchecked, emissions from food are projected to increase by at least 50% by 2050.

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But a far better path is possible because of a diverse set of climate solutions from food systems that are at hand and able to scale globally. Ranging from reinvesting in age-old agricultural practices to cutting-edge technologies, the food system presents a wide range of opportunities that can deeply reduce emissions while also providing nutrition for all and improving the health of people, animals, and ecosystems. Realizing the full potential of climate solutions in food, could, by 2030, generate $5 trillion per year in inclusive new business opportunities, create over 100 million well-paying jobs, and save $6 trillion annually in health and environmental costs.

Our Food & Agriculture Program

The ClimateWorks Food & Agriculture Program empowers a diverse and growing set of changemakers demanding that food make good on its potential as a climate solution, while improving global health, environmental quality, and combating injustice. Our grantees and partners work across the globe with particular focuses in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. The group includes hundreds of NGOs, researchers, businesses, governments, and other funders.

Through our grantmaking and partnerships, we scale innovative technologies and ideas; advance ambitious laws, policies, and targets; and create conditions that enable business and consumer choices that align with a safe climate.

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