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Let’s end the climate crisis.

At ClimateWorks, we envision a planet that is a thriving home for all living beings for generations to come. We’re on a mission to end the climate crisis by amplifying the power of philanthropy.

It’s time to be bold on climate. See how our network of partners and grantees is advancing climate solutions and how leaders can scale them.

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From grassroots action to global policy, our grants support organizations and initiatives that are working to end the climate crisis.

$1.8+ billion

Our world-class grantmaking infrastructure enables us to invest effectively in a wide range of global philanthropic opportunities. We’ve granted over $1.8 billion since 2008.

850+ grantees

Our grantee network includes more than 850 organizations that advance climate solutions in over 50 countries.

2,800+ grants

Our grantmaking capabilities have established us as a leading global grantmaker. We’ve made over 2,800 grants since 2008.