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Climate change threatens ecosystems, societies, and economies. These challenges require innovative responses. Using the power of collaboration, ClimateWorks Foundation mobilizes philanthropy to solve the climate crisis and ensure a prosperous future.


The scale and urgency of the climate challenge require action from all parts of society. Philanthropy has a critical role to play.
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ClimateWorks Foundation collaborates with philanthropic donors and climate leaders to be more strategic, efficient, and effective in our response to global climate change.
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About Us

ClimateWorks Foundation is a team of researchers, strategists, collaborators, and grant-makers who are committed to climate action and believe in the power of collective philanthropy.
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Climate change calls for coordinated global action. ClimateWorks Foundation empowers philanthropic donors with a range of strategies to help address the challenge.
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Working with partners, ClimateWorks Foundation provides actionable insights that reveal opportunities for philanthropy to influence greenhouse gas emissions reductions at scale.
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