Transforming movement of people and goods

Functioning transportation systems are fundamental to modern, prosperous societies. They provide a means to get to work, connect us to friends and family, enable movement of goods, and catalyze economic activity.

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Transportation today comes with large societal costs as it contributes to a quarter of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, thousands of accidents, hours of congestion, and air pollution that affects the lives and well-being of millions. However, with the right set of enabling conditions supported by philanthropy, new cleaner transportation technologies and practices can contribute to a significantly healthier climate, cleaner air, and greater prosperity for all.

Our Transportation Program

The Transportation Program advances a sustainable, affordable, and low-carbon mobility system for people and goods movement. We broaden support for the transition to cleaner, and more efficient, and zero-emission vehicle and fuel technologies, and for increasing efficient transportation choices, including transit, walking, biking, and shared mobility. We work with NGOs, academia, business, policymakers, consumers, and other stakeholders to advance sound policy, innovation, and investment.


ClimateWorks leads the only philanthropic strategy and grantmaking portfolio to address the climate impacts of aviation globally. The aviation sector alone contributes around 5 percent of global greenhouse gases (both CO2 and non-CO2) and demand for air travel is expected to triple by 2050. ClimateWorks and its partners support strategies focused on driving deep decarbonization of the sector including advancing policy support for truly sustainable alternative fuels and other low-carbon aviation technologies while also working to build public awareness of aviation’s climate impacts.