Delivering on climate commitments

Hannah Roeyer from the Independent Global Stocktake (iGST) explains how world leaders can harness the Global Stocktake as an accelerator for climate action. COP28 will represent one of the most significant climate accountability moments to date. When world leaders gather in Dubai in December, they must respond to the Global Stocktake with transformative climate action that get us back on track toward a 1.5° C future. 

To that end, member organizations of the iGST outlined five outcomes we need to see at COP28. Learn more about the Global Stocktake here. 

The #BoldClimateActionIs campaign showcases how our network of partners and grantees is driving bold climate action and how leaders can scale these solutions. Join the conversation on social media and tell the world what #BoldClimateActionIs to you.

“Our network has found that this stocktaking moment has revealed some exciting bright spots for climate action, but also underlined that world leaders need to urgently and decisively act on these opportunities to get back on track to meet the collective promises that they made in Paris in 2015.”
Hannah Roeyer
Independent Global Stocktake (iGST)

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