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Accessing UNFCCC-linked multilateral climate funds: lived experiences

Accessing UNFCCC-linked multilateral climate funds: lived experiences

Multilateral climate funds linked to the UNFCCC process play a small but important role in financing climate action in developing countries. Scrutinizing the access to UNFCCC funds is key to the resolution of longstanding debates on equity and justice within international climate finance.

“Accessing UNFCCC-linked multilateral climate funds: lived experiences” explores the perceptions of climate finance experts from the Global South in accessing UNFCCC climate funds. The report raises important equity and justice concerns in the provision of and access to climate finance, identifies best practices, and provides options to enhance equity and justice. Finally, the paper suggests how the Global Stocktake can deepen conversations on critical elements of climate finance access raised by this paper.

Read this report from the Finance Working Group of the independent Global Stocktake (iGST) consortium to learn about these key recommendations:

  • Access to funds and project approval processes should be simplified when deploying fit-for-purpose climate financing especially to help accelerate adaptation financing.
  • Technical capacities for project development and implementation should be promoted and maintained to facilitate access going beyond a numerical target to consider a landscape of institutions, stakeholders, and processes.
  • Access to climate finance can be strengthened to better ensure effective climate mitigation and adaptation results.
Published November 2, 2022