Independent Global Stocktake

Data and advocacy to support the Paris Agreement

The Independent Global Stocktake (iGST) is a data and advocacy initiative that brings together climate modelers, analysts, campaigners and advocates to support the Paris Agreement.

The landmark Paris Agreement requires that countries report on collective progress towards climate mitigation, adaptation, and finance goals every five years as part of the regular process to increase the ambition of country climate commitments. This analysis, known as the Global Stocktake, is not just a paper accounting exercise, it’s an essential feature of the Paris Agreement. It will provide a solid foundation that empowers countries to take bolder climate action.

Inspired by the critical role of the Global Stocktake, in mid-2018 ClimateWorks Foundation, in collaboration with global partners, began to explore what independent researchers and advocates can bring to the table. This led to the creation of the independent Global Stocktake (iGST), which aims to increase the accuracy, transparency, accountability, and relevance of the official benchmarking process through a combination of research, analysis, and dialogue.  Our initiative is a multi-year effort tracking the timeline of the first Global Stocktake, slated to occur 2023.

The iGST is a group of organizations that have come together to provide input to the Global Stocktake, but it’s not exclusive. We welcome others who think they can provide advocacy and analysis to motivate countries to take on the commitments needed to combat global warming.

Our collective work starts now.

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iGST Team

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson

Program Director, Governance & Diplomacy and Super Pollutants

Josefina Cobián

Josefina Cobián

Associate, Global Intelligence

Casey Cronin

Casey Cronin

Strategist, Global Intelligence