#BoldClimateActionIs Campaign

It’s time to be bold on climate.

Nearly eight years after the Paris Agreement, the United Nations has released its first official assessment of climate action since 2015, known as the Global Stocktake. The report found that climate progress isn’t happening fast enough to avoid the worst impacts of a warming world. This has increased the stakes for COP28 in Dubai later this year, which will represent one of the most significant climate accountability moments to date. At COP28, world leaders must respond to the Stocktake with bold and transformative climate action that protects people and the planet.

Now is the time for all of us — from governments, businesses, philanthropy, and civil society — to raise our ambition, accelerate our efforts, and work together to achieve a pathway for a 1.5° C future. ClimateWorks’ grantees and partners champion solutions to the climate crisis that we can scale now. Together, let’s tell the world on social media what #BoldClimateActionIs — loudly.


See how our network of partners and grantees is driving bold climate action and how leaders can scale these solutions. Join the conversation on social media and tell the world what #BoldClimateActionIs to you.

“With its ability to be nimble, target emerging opportunities, and fill gaps, philanthropy is critical to catalyzing climate progress and transforming vision into real, durable outcomes that benefit both people and the planet.”
Helen Mountford
ClimateWorks Foundation