Campaign to accelerate 100% electric road transportation for the world receives boost from MacKenzie Scott

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Published March 23, 2022

Anthony Eggert

Senior Director, Transportation

We are grateful to receive this gift on behalf of the Drive Electric Campaign — an audacious strategy to end the polluting tailpipe and transition to 100% clean electric transportation, delivering massive benefits for human health, energy security, the economy, and the climate. Aimed at stopping one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis, Drive Electric works with an expansive network of partners to accelerate systems change through smart government policies, business leadership and action, and people-powered coalitions representing health, environment, labor, consumers, and communities affected by vehicle pollution.

This gift comes at a critical time as the world faces the dual crises of climate change and a global energy crunch fueled by conflict and funded significantly by a reliance on oil and gas. Fortunately, as Scott reflects, “we have what we need to solve our shared problems.” Electric transportation, powered by abundant renewable energy, can eliminate over 90% of the climate pollution and nearly all oil demand from road transport, providing one of the most powerful, globally scalable ways toward a safer climate while also supporting energy diversity and security. These funds will support our ongoing work to reach 100% sales of electric buses, two- and three-wheelers by 2030, cars by 2035, and freight trucks by 2040, leading to 100% zero-pollution road transportation globally by 2050. We are proud to convene Drive Electric in partnership with the Energy Foundation, Energy Foundation China, European Climate Foundation, the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation’s Electric Mobility Initiative, and many others. ClimateWorks Foundation acts as the secretariat.

Transportation is fundamental to modern life, yet our current system contributes over 20% of global energy-sector greenhouse gas emissions. For too long, diesel and gas-powered vehicles have kept fossil fuels flowing from pipeline to fuel tank – damaging our climate, distorting our politics, and directly contributing to air pollution that frontline communities in the U.S. have termed “diesel death zones.” Drive Electric partners effect positive change on all modes: from e-buses in Indonesia, electric delivery rickshaws in Delhi, to the planned phase-out of polluting vehicles in Chile in favor of electric transport, and proposals to do the same in the European Union and several U.S. states.

Now, over two billion people live in places covered by government commitments to 100% zero-emission vehicles as the future of road transportation. Business is stepping up as well, with over 100 companies committing to shift their investments, vehicle production, and procurement to electric. This incredible progress is made possible by many of the actions, voices, and engagement of our partners around the world. These advances were unimaginable just a few years ago, yet it is not inevitable that the transition to electric transportation will meet the speed needed to address the climate challenge. With philanthropic support, including this generous gift, we can scale the progress globally, working together to ensure stated commitments become real-world actions and investments, leading to on-the-ground change and benefits to all.

We are honored to be included in the list of “remarkable organizations” supported by Scott in this latest round of giving. Climate change mitigation still receives less than 2% of total philanthropic contributions, yet the harms of climate disruption are already disproportionately impacting the most vulnerable communities locally and globally. By ending the polluting tailpipe and transitioning to 100% clean transportation, together we can deliver a safer, healthier world.

— Anthony Eggert, senior director of transportation program, ClimateWorks Foundation and global lead for Drive Electric Campaign Steering Committee