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2020 Annual Report

2020 was an unforgiving year of global crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic took away millions of lives too soon while also causing economic hardship globally, social justice movements created new urgency to reverse centuries of institutional racism around the world, and the climate crisis continued to progress at an alarming rate.

Yet this convergence of crises also signalled an opportunity to pursue a converging set of solutions. To build a more sustainable future, we must find new ways to work together in order to uncover solutions that not only drive toward a safe climate, but do so in ways that bring equitable benefits and justice for those who have been denied for too long.

Read our 2020 Annual Report to find out how ClimateWorks navigated a precarious year of crisis to continue advancing our mission to end the climate crisis by amplifying the power of philanthropy.

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Published July 12, 2021