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Stephany Griffith-Jones Joins ClimateWorks Foundation as a Distinguished Fellow

San Francisco – ClimateWorks Foundation announced today that world-renowned economist Professor Stephany Griffith-Jones will join the foundation as a distinguished fellow. A leading global development finance expert, Stephany is currently the financial markets director at the Initiative for Policy Dialogue, based at Columbia University, emeritus professorial fellow at the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University, a senior research associate at the Overseas Development Institute, and a non-resident fellow at the Center for Global Development. She is also co-coordinator of the research program for the November 2020 Finance in Common Summit, the first global meeting of all public development banks.

The ClimateWorks Finance program works to catalyze financial system and market changes that put the global economy on the path to mid-century decarbonization. Its grantmaking portfolio spans private and public finance strategies targeting large-scale capital reallocation.

“We are thrilled to have a development finance expert of Stephany’s caliber join the ClimateWorks team,” said Ilmi Granoff, Director of the ClimateWorks Finance program. “In addition to being a leading mind on public investment and development finance, Stephany is one of the world’s foremost scholars on national development banks, a core priority of our public finance initiative.”

Griffith-Jones brings a breadth of financial expertise to her current work on the role of development banks in leading the low-carbon and just transition. She has led several major international research projects on international financial and macro-economic issues and began her career as a central banker in Chile. Her most recent Oxford University Press book, co-edited with Jose Antonio Ocampo, The Future of National Development Banks, has made an important contribution to this field. As a distinguished fellow Stephany will be helping the ClimateWorks Finance team refine their grantmaking priorities to support public development banks in meeting their potential to support a climate-friendly and equitable economic recovery and transformation.

 “I look forward to supporting the ClimateWorks public finance grantmaking strategy” said Griffith-Jones. “As we move into a period in which public development banks (multilateral, regional, and national) take on an elevated role in the global economy. There is great potential to ensure that they are working to drive the low-carbon and just transition.”

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Published August 17, 2020

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