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Statement by ClimateWorks Foundation Industry Program Senior Director Rebecca Dell on the Green Procurement Pledge

PITTSBURGH – Today marked a huge milestone in the push to transform the very materials from which our nations are built. The Green Procurement Pledge, an ambitious global coalition of public and private organizations led by UNIDO, calls on governments to use their immense purchasing power to speed the global transition to clean steel, cement, and concrete. Nearly one in every six tons of carbon dioxide emissions globally comes from manufacturing steel, cement, and concrete, and governments are the largest purchasers of these commodities.

The pledge reflects the efforts of the Industrial Deep Decarbonisation Initiative (IDDI), an initiative under the Clean Energy ministerial led by the United Kingdom and India. Today, the United States–the largest purchaser of these building materials in the world–announced it will be joining IDDI. It is a transformative effort to strengthen our industries, create jobs, and build resilient economies in the face of the accelerating climate crisis.

Heavy industries, including steel and cement, are responsible for one-third of greenhouse gas emissions. Governments are the largest individual customers for these materials. In the United States, government agencies procure 46 percent of all cement and 18 percent of all steel for infrastructure and construction. By joining this initiative, governments will lead by example, deploying effective green public procurement policies to help shape the clean material economy of tomorrow and achieve global net-zero goals.

ClimateWorks is proud to support UNIDO and IDDI, which is working to create the markets, environmental standards, and next-generation products that will usher in a net-zero industrial sector.

There are many existing and potential solutions to decarbonize our built environment. When done right with smart policies, investment, and implementation, cleaning up heavy industry can be straightforward and inexpensive.

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Published September 23, 2022

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