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New knowledge hub launched to advance ocean-based climate solutions

ClimateWorks Foundation and its partners have launched a new knowledge hub on Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal

San Francisco – ClimateWorks Foundation and its partners have launched a new knowledge hub on Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), This digital hub will bring together a community of scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers, NGOs, and foundations to advance the state of knowledge, build bridges across disciplines, and help the community move towards testing and piloting the most promising of ocean CDR approaches.

Over the past 200 years, we have built a globalized economy based on fossil fuels and added 555 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The ocean has absorbed more than a quarter of this carbon, thereby increasing seawater acidity by 30 percent. Land is also a significant carbon sink. However, half of our carbon dioxide emissions remain in the atmosphere, causing a carbon traffic jam that’s pushing our climate towards dangerous new conditions. This excess carbon dioxide must urgently be removed and the ocean, with its enormous volume and natural carbon pumps, might provide the key.

Fortunately, a growing community of academics, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and policymakers are exploring the technical potential, costs, ecosystem impacts, and societal implications of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR) strategies. However, there is a need to close knowledge gaps, share questions and insights, form new partnerships, and create a common understanding of viable pathways by which the ocean can help solve the climate crisis. The hub, is designed to meet all these needs.

The hub, is the best way to start your day if:

•   You are a scientist with deep knowledge at the ocean/climate nexus, trying to keep your finger on the pulse of current discussions

•   You are a policy maker with no time on your hands looking for a quick and trustworthy bootcamp on all things ocean cdr

•   You are an entrepreneur with an ambition to contribute to the negative emissions portfolio and seek inspiration, connections and knowledge

•   You are an investor scoping for projects, events and people at the leading edge of a specific cdr approach.

•   You are a student, journalist, or NGO staff with questions for the expert community or trying to dig into the specifics of individual approaches

•   You are ready to build a career in the field and want to learn more, build a network and search for jobs.

 About ClimateWorks Foundation: 

ClimateWorks is a global platform for philanthropy to innovate and accelerate climate solutions that scale. We deliver global programs and services that equip philanthropy with the knowledge, networks, and solutions to drive climate progress. Since 2008, ClimateWorks has granted over $1 billion to more than 500 grantees in over 40 countries.


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Published September 8, 2020

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