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K-CEP supports 10 countries to enhance NDCs with new work on efficient, climate-friendly cooling

We are excited to announce the ten recipients of funding from our NDC Support Facility for Efficient, Climate-friendly Cooling (NDC Support Facility).

The announcement was made earlier today at an online event co-hosted by the COP26 High-Level Champions, the UK Government, and the UN Environment Programme’s Cool Coalition.

The countries – Jordan, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Pakistan, Morocco, Chile, and Tunisia – will all receive funding, via technical assistance providers, to improve the access to and/or efficiency of cooling in their respective countries.

NDC Support Facility

Launched in January 2020, the NDC Support Facility provides funding and guidance to organizations to support governments wanting to integrate energy-efficient and climate-friendly cooling solutions into the next round of their country’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Updated every five years, NDCs form the foundation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and embody each country’s efforts to reduce national emission levels.

After committing to include efficient, climate-friendly cooling solutions in their enhanced NDCs (or in the case of Chile, its long-term climate plan), K-CEP decided to support such leadership with grants from the NDC Support Facility.

“It’s a triple win,” says K-CEP Executive Director, Jessica Brown. “By implementing efficient, climate-friendly cooling, governments can cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve the lives of their citizens, and realize huge financial savings. Not only can it help in the fight against climate change by helping countries meet Paris Agreement and Kigali Amendment targets, but getting cooling right can also make a significant contribution to the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals.”

The work will cover multiple aspects of the cooling sector, including sustainable cold chains, passive cooling solutions, urban cooling, energy-efficient cooling for social housing, and energy-efficient commercial refrigeration.

Pathway to Zero

This enhanced commitment to efficient, climate-friendly cooling comes alongside the release of the Climate Action Pathway for Net Zero Cooling, which lays out the vision for action to 2050. The pathway, authored by the Carbon Trust, the Cool Coalition, K-CEP, Oxford University, and the COP26 High-Level Champions, details the key cooling milestones that will be necessary to fully implement the Paris Agreement, exceed the Kigali Amendment, and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Published December 10, 2020

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