Ximena Carranza

Program Manager, Emerging Economies, Drive Electric Campaign

    Ximena is the Drive Electric Campaign’s Program Manager for emerging economies, where she supports the implementation of the campaign’s strategies for emerging economies and battery sustainability. Her interests and expertise center around the intersection of climate change, urbanization, gender, and mobility, particularly in the Global South. She has experience working with researchers, NGOs, and the international cooperation in Peru and abroad.

    Before joining ClimateWorks, Ximena worked as Technical Assistant in Climate Change and Gender at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Peru, where she provided technical assistance for the management of the environmental sustainability project portfolio. In this role, she supported the design of project proposals for environmental funds, such as the GEF, on issues including deforestation-free value chains, territorial development, and electric mobility, while collaborating closely with government officials and partner UN agencies. Ximena’s work also included providing technical support for gender-mainstreaming in environmental initiatives, and for the design of Gender Action Plans, including for a project on public transport electrification in Peru.

    Ximena holds a BSc in Environmental Science (Sustainable Development) from Brown University, and an Msc in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance from the University of Oxford (UK).