The Political Economy of the Circular Economy

This report provides an introductory understanding of the political economy of the circular economy, and highlights how to realize its potential. The report discusses the benefits of the circular economy, policy measures that have been proposed to advance the circular economy, and attributes of organizations that support or oppose this effort. Two case studies, Europe and India, are used to highlight recent circular economy developments. The report concludes with recommendations for circular economy advocates.

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A Crystal Ball for Tracking Climate Trends

Surabi Menon, Senior Director, Advisory & Research
Pamela Matson, Member of the Board of Directors, ClimateWorks Foundation and Goldman Professor, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences and Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University

Mission investments to catalyze climate solutions

Many foundations are asking how they can use mission investments alongside grant portfolios to accelerate climate solutions. By drawing upon new and existing research, this report explores where mission investments can work with grants, government investment and policy, and private capital to encourage a global transition to a low-carbon economy.

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