Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

CDR is a must-have to solve the climate crisis
In addition to slashing greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide (CO2) needs to be removed from the atmosphere in order to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. As much as six gigatonnes of CO2—more than the current annual emissions of the US—must be captured and stored every year as early as 2030 to keep global temperature rise to well below 2° C.
The policy and economic shifts, technological advancements, and scale required to meet these goals represent unprecedented challenges, but CDR is not new or unproven, and it is primed to be the next frontier for climate solutions. CDR includes natural approaches to increase the capacity of trees, plants, and soils to store CO2, as well as technological solutions that pull climate pollution from the air.

Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal

As we remove carbon from the land using trees or carbon-sucking filters, the oceans may give back to the atmosphere some of the carbon dioxide (CO2) they have been storing. Improving our understanding and facilitating the development of oceans’ carbon removal mechanisms add an important tool in our climate action toolbox. The ClimateWorks CDR Fund aims to support the development of an ocean CDR portfolio by supporting the research, community-building, and advocacy needed to bring to light the ocean’s potential role in CO2 removal. Learn more about our ocean CDR work here.

The ClimateWorks CDR Portfolio

ClimateWorks manages a diversified CDR portfolio—making grants and collaborating with other foundations that focus on catalyzing and scaling CO2 removal.


Through our grantmaking and partnerships, ClimateWorks advances efforts to track the technology and policy landscape for CDR. This research guides our strategy by identifying gaps in the field and opportunities to deploy philanthropic capital.

Communications, Advocacy, and Policy

Finding new ways to capture, store, and use CO2 will create opportunities for manufacturing, technology, and economic growth. The ClimateWorks CDR portfolio includes initiatives and programs that support communications, advocacy, and policies that advance innovation and progress.


A full suite of innovative CDR approaches is needed, from new ways of managing forests and croplands to technologies that draw CO2 right out of the sky, and combinations of the two that use plant-based energy to eliminate pollution. The ClimateWorks CDR portfolio tracks and seeks to catalyze public and private financing for development and innovation.

2018-19 Grantmaking

Portfolio Team

Tracy Johns

Tracy Johns

Program Officer, Climate and Land Use Alliance

Jan Mazurek, Ph.D.

Jan Mazurek, Ph.D.

Director, Carbon Dioxide Removal Fund

Frances Wang

Frances Wang

Senior Associate


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