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Published November 3, 2022

Emily Espinosa

Senior Associate, Marketing & Communications

Here’s how you can follow ClimateWorks and our global partners during the COP27 conference.

The U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt comes at the end of a critical year in the fight against the climate crisis. Over the last year, we’ve seen severe climate shocks, a growing food crisis, global inflation, an energy crisis driven by the Russia-Ukraine War, and conflict and instability in many parts of the world. At COP27, leaders must advance solutions to these multiple crises by accelerating action and global cooperation on climate.

ClimateWorks is joining our global partners in Egypt to continue raising ambition and building momentum for philanthropy so that more funds can move faster to the places that need them the most. We will support leaders in advancing people-centered approaches to a just and equitable transition. We’ll also focus on promoting efforts for transparency and accountability in implementing commitments.

Whether you’re joining COP27 in-person or online via live stream, here are some events we recommend attending.

ClimateWorks on the ground

Global Public Opinion on Climate Change

Tuesday, November 8, 12:30 to 1:30 PM (EET), China Pavillion

The China Center for Climate Change Communication (China4C) will share the key findings of its third national survey of public perception of climate in China. The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC), in collaboration with Meta Data for Good, the Global Strategic Communication Council – India (GSCC), and the Instituto de Tecnologia & Sociedade do Rio (ITS Brazil), will report the results of a global survey and nationally representative surveys in the United States, India and Brazil investigating public climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy support, such as support for the Paris Agreement and for more ambitious climate action by each national government.

ClimateWorks’s Helen Mountford and Xiaohua Zhang are scheduled to speak. This event is co-hosted by the China Center for Climate Change Communication (China4C) and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

What Action is Needed Across Systems by 2030 to Limit Warming to 1.5° C?

Wednesday, November 9, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM (EET), We Mean Business Pavillion in the Blue Zone

Delivering climate action by 2030 to limit warming to 1.5° C will require rapid transformations across our major systems – energy, industry, food, forest and land, finance, and more. To what extent are we on track? Where is change accelerating or lagging? What trends are revealed across these interconnected systems? How can we bolster the enabling conditions needed to scale transformation and navigate barriers? Join Systems Change Lab at COP27 as we unveil our new open-source data platform and discuss the latest findings from the State of Climate Action 2022.

ClimateWorks’ Casey Cronin is scheduled to speak. This event is organized by Systems Change Lab: World Resources Institute and Bezos Earth Fund.

The Cool Capital Stack: Investing in Cooling Solutions to Protect People and Their Livelihoods

Wednesday, November 9, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (EET), Resilience Hub

This conversation will feature private, public, and civil society actors who are making tangible progress towards scaled solutions that cool cities, delivering critical health, equity, resilience, and economic outcomes. The session will launch the Cool Capital Stack, a new initiative to mobilize all forms of capital to invest in cooling solutions that protect people and their livelihoods from extreme heat.

ClimateWorks’ Helen Mountford is scheduled to speak. This event is organized by Arsht-Rock.

The Paris Agreement Aspirations Through the Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions in the COMESA and EAC Regions

Wednesday, November 9, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EET), NDC Pavillion

ClimateWorks’ Cherono Sego is scheduled to speak. This event is organized by the East African Community Secretariat.

The Carbon Call at the Action Hub

Thursday, November 10, 2:00 PM to 2:40 PM (EET), The Action Hub in the Blue Zone – more information here

There is a gap between what is reported as greenhouse gas emissions and actual emissions in carbon accounting. That’s why ClimateWorks, Microsoft, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and others launched the Carbon Call, a fast-growing global corporate initiative working to address interoperability or how greenhouse gas emissions data is compared, combined, and shared. Learn more about the Carbon Call at this TED-style talk at the Action Hub.

This event is organized by ClimateWorks.

Responsible Leadership Expert Session: Accelerating the Carbon Removal Market

Thursday, November 10, 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (EET), Global Innovation Hub in the Blue Zone

This session will focus on how to overcome those barriers for buyers and discuss how to convey the relevance of carbon removal to the broader business and investing community, as more commitments will be crucial for accelerating and driving down costs for carbon removal technologies. Additionally, the session will explore and evaluate new forms of collaborations and partnerships and their potential to dynamize the scaling of carbon removal technologies.

ClimateWorks’ Frances Wang is scheduled to speak. This event is organized by the BMW Foundation and the UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub.

The Carbon Call at the International Chambers of Commerce Pavillion

Friday, November, 11, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EET), International Chambers of Commerce Pavillion

There is a gap between what is reported as greenhouse gas emissions and actual emissions in carbon accounting. That’s why ClimateWorks, Microsoft, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and others launched the Carbon Call, a fast-growing global corporate initiative working to address improved interoperability or how greenhouse gas emissions data is compared, combined, and shared. Members of the Carbon Call will outline four key constraints in carbon accounting and recommendations on how to address them.

This event is organized by Microsoft and ClimateWorks.

Ethics & Climate Action: Establishing a Framework

Friday, November 11, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM (EET), Ocean Pavilion

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is convening a diverse panel of international advisors to take part in designing an ethical framework that will guide decisions about the potential use of intervention technologies. Immediate and coordinated actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience should be prioritized to protect human health, biodiversity, economic well-being, and global security. The ethical framework for climate intervention is a critical part of these actions.

Climateworks’ Frances Wang is scheduled to be a panelist. This event is organized by the AGU.

Carbon Dioxide Removal FutureLab

Friday, November 11, 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM (EET), Ibis Room in the Green Zone/Climate Action Zone

This event will highlight the diverse, dynamic, and vibrant carbon removals ecosystem that is emerging across the Global South and in other marginalized regions, leveraging new technologies and approaches to accelerate the transition to clean growth, build infrastructure, and create jobs. The session will explore what it will take to scale these efforts.

ClimateWorks’ Helen Mountford is scheduled to speak. This event is organized by UN Climate Change High-Level Champions Nigel Topping and Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin and supported by ClimateWorks.

Policy innovations at the ocean-climate nexus to accelerate decarbonization, address climate change, and improve the blue economy

Saturday, November 12, 9 AM (EET), Ocean Pavilion

This session looks at policy innovations in the ocean space, to date, and how these policies will deliver meaningful impacts to improve both ocean and climate health. Select policy innovations to be discussed include: sustainable aquaculture and seafood as a decarbonization pathway, incentivizing ocean-based renewable energy, shipping and reducing plastic production and usage, and research for blue carbon and marine CDR.

ClimateWorks’ Frances Wang will be moderating. This event is organized by (NASEM), Ocean Conservancy, and the ClimateWorks Foundation.

The Global Stocktake – a Health Check for the Paris Agreement

Saturday, November 12, 10:00 am (EET) in the Health Pavillion

The event aims to highlight the importance of including health-specific metrics in the Global Stocktake (GST) and will present available evidence that could feed into this process. A representative from the independent Global Stocktake initiative (iGST) will provide an overview of the GST, its crucial role in the Paris Agreement, and the latest developments at the Second Meeting of the Technical Dialogue (TD1.2) taking place at COP27.

ClimateWorks’ Josefina Cobián is scheduled to speak. This event is organized by the Lancet Countdown.

China-Africa Cooperation on the Renewable Energy Transition

Monday, November 14, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (EET) in the Khufu (300) Room of the Blue Zone

Get the latest insights on China-Africa cooperation on renewable energy investments and local value creation in African countries and take part in the launch of African Energy Now.

This event is co-organized by the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA) and the Institute for Environment and Development Sustainability (IEDS) in partnership with the ClimateWorks Foundation and the China Africa Advisory.

High-Level Dialogue on Enabling the Scaling Up of Renewable Energy in Africa

Tuesday, November 15, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM (EET), SDG7 Pavilion

A high-level dialogue that brings together global leading enterprises, financial institutions, intergovernmental agencies, and research institutions working in the renewable energy field for a deep-dive discussion on scaling up Africa’s renewable energy industry.

ClimateWorks’ Xiaohua Zhang will moderate this event. This event is organized by ClimateWorks, SEforAll, the Africa Climate Foundation (ACF), CREIA, and the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Building an Inclusive Global Stocktake: Expanding upon Non-party Inputs to the Global Stocktake

Tuesday, November 15, 4:45 PM to 6:15 PM (EET) in the Blue Zone – watch online

The Global Stocktake is a key mechanism to raise ambition across mitigation, adaptation, and finance, and in light of equity considerations and the best available science. Non-party inputs can help build up the political momentum within the GST to trigger nationally enhanced ambition as well as increase climate ambition.

This event is organized by UNFCCC and co-organized by ClimateWorks.

Green Climate Finance at the Center of Just Energy Transition – Perspectives from the Global South

Tuesday, November 15, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EET) – watch online

Global energy poverty is concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Currently, around 580 million in the region, roughly 75% of the global total, have no electricity (IEA, 2019). An estimated 80% of the population lack access to modern energy and rely on biomass such as wood, charcoal, and cow-dung to cook. While efforts at electrification are expected to bring down the number of people who don’t have access to electricity, the number of people using unimproved cooking facilities is expected to increase through 2030.The session will highlight the win–win situations and co-benefits of clean energy transitions in the Global South.

ClimateWorks’ Cherono Sego is scheduled to speak. This event is organized by The Africa SLCP Project.

Blue Climate Solutions: Considering the Ocean’s Role in our Path to Net Negative Emissions

Thursday, November 16, Time: 8:30-10:00 AM (EET)

This event is organized by the American Geophysical Union, National Academies of Sciences, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Beat the Heat: Nature for Cool Cities Challenge

Wednesday, Nov 16, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM (EET), SDG7 Pavilion – register here

Our cities are getting hotter. Nature can help reduce urban temperatures and increase thermal comfort for urban dwellers. The cooling benefits of nature-based solutions are well documented, but they need to be better understood and leveraged to increase implementation and bring about change at a global level. These include habitat provision, improving air quality, and human health outcomes; increasing resilience to flooding, waterborne diseases, and soil erosion by increasing water permeability; bringing social cohesion and higher quality of life to communities; and delivering significant economic benefits.

ClimateWorks’ Axum Teferra is scheduled to speak. This event is organized by SEforALL and the Cool Coalition.

Just Transition in the Agricultural Sector: Pathways for Sustainable and Inclusive Climate Action in Agri-food Systems

Wednesday, November 16, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (EET), FAO Pavilion

ClimateWorks’ Cherono Sego is scheduled to speak. This event is organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and ClimateWorks.

Getting it Done: Public-Private Actions for Decarbonizing Road Transport

Wednesday, November 16, 5:30 to 6:30 PM (EET) – watch online

With 33% of city GHG emissions resulting from road transport, public and private leaders must urgently align business and policy actions to deliver the promises made at COP26. To meet decarbonization targets, an ambitious mobility policy aimed at emission and air pollution reduction must be met with industry support and investment. Join this session to hear how cities and businesses are working together to provide affordable, safe, and efficient zero-emission mobility.

ClimateWorks’ Helen Mountford will moderate this virtual panel discussion. This event is organized by the Global New Mobility Coalition at the World Economic Forum.

The Cool Move: Low Carbon Cold Chain and Agro-logistic Revolution for Emerging Markets

Thursday, Nov 17, 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM (EET), Food Systems Pavilion – watch online

This cold chain event will focus on promoting the development of cold chain solutions (both accessibility and utilization) in rural areas, based on bankable and scalable business models, via appropriate financial solutions and backed by market linkages and data.

ClimateWorks’ Axum Teferra is scheduled to moderate. This event is hosted by the Cool Coalition.

Partner Events at COP27

Clean Cooling Collaborative Partners

Our Clean Cooling Collaborative partners are hosting a series of events at COP27 to highlight the importance of sustainable cooling solutions that meet our climate ambitions and keep people, food, and medicine safe in a warming world. Please check them out here.

Drive Electric Campaign Partners

Our Drive Electric Campaign partners are hosting a series of events at COP27 to raise ambition and showcase the role of decarbonizing transportation in meeting our climate goals. Please check them out here.

Carbon Removals at COP Virtual Pavilion

November 6 to November 18, 2022 – more information here

Carbon Removals at COP is a dedicated online platform that will stream 15+ events and publish daily commentary, news, and thinking on carbon removals during COP27 and beyond.

Food Systems Pavilion

November 6 to 18, Blue Zone – more information here

Many of our partners are sponsoring the first-ever Food Systems Pavilion at COP27, putting food center stage during these crucial negotiations.

A Roadmap to Aligning Food, Finance, and Philanthropy with Climate Goals

Wednesday, November 9, 8:30 to 9:30 AM (EET), Food and Agriculture Pavilion (Blue Zone) – more information here

The FAIRR Initiative’s Policy Director Dr. Helena Wright will moderate a panel discussion exploring how private, public, and philanthropic funding in food systems can align with climate goals, and the role a global agricultural roadmap could play. Panelists will include speakers from FAO, Planet Tracker, WINGS, and private finance.

This event is organized by the FAIRR Initiative, Planet Tracker, and WINGS.

International Solar Alliance Launch of Solar Investment Roadmap

Wednesday, November 9, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (EET), International Solar Alliance (Blue Zone) – more information here

How can philanthropy effectively coordinate its engagement to deepen impact and scale catalytic capital, at the right level of intervention, in a manner that crowds in additional finance? What partnerships are required to achieve that goal? This session will focus on addressing these questions. This dialogue looks to focus on philanthropic support as a catalyst for scaling clean energy access and investments in resilience in Africa, using illustrative examples that clearly identify the opportunities, challenges, and gaps for accelerating just transitions.

This event is organized by the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and features context setting by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Global Governance of CDR: Carbon Accounting of Transboundary Projects

Thursday, November 10, 1:00 to 2:00 PM (EET), Blue Zone – more information here

Many projects to permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere will have international supply chains and will involve transporting biomass, materials and CO2 across boundaries. This session will discuss the possible accounting issues which may arise from such international CDR projects.

This event is organized by Bellona.

Advancing Sustainable Protein to Meet Climate Goals

Thursday, November 10, 5:45 to 7:00 PM (EET) | Food4Climate Pavilion (Blue Zone) – more information here

This event will showcase three AIM4C Innovation Sprints that emphasize the clear role of alternative protein in catalyzing climate action and creating sustainable food systems.

This event is organized by the FAIRR Initiative.

Ensuring Healthy Diets for All in Face of a Warming Planet: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions

Friday, November 11, 1:15 PM to 2:45 PM (EET) – more information here

Organized by Costa Rica, Switzerland, UN Nutrition, and UNEP in partnership with Chatham House, Life and Environment (L&E), and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)/ICLEI. This event examines food, nutrition, and climate change´s interlinked challenges and recommends key multi-stakeholder policy actions for reducing GHG emissions through healthy and sustainable diets.

Fueling Health Harms: The Human Costs of Fossil Fuels

Friday, November 11, 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM (EET), WHO Pavilion – more information here

The Global Climate & Health Alliance will host this event, which will be moderated by Jane Burston, Executive Director of the Clean Air Fund.

Food System Climate Solutions: Managing Climate Risks and Externalities From The Food System

Friday, November 11, 3:00 to 4:30 PM (EET), Tutankhamun Room in the Blue Zone

This event is organized by the Citizens’ Climate Education Corp, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the True Animal Protein Price Coalition. Global food systems make up one-third of greenhouse gas emissions and are a key driver of nature loss. This panel highlights ways the public and private sectors can address these risks, including true-cost accounting, sustainable food pledges and pricing, and Good Food Finance interventions.

Building Resilience in the East African Community and Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Friday, November 11, 4:45 PM to 6:15 PM (EET), Room 9 in the Blue Zone

This event will help illustrate how the East African Community region — and sub-Saharan Africa more generally — is implementing strategies that harness nature-based solutions for adapting to climate change. The event will focus on opportunities and challenges in financing these solutions. Additionally, it will help highlight options for leveraging local knowledge and promoting leadership in adaptation-related actions.

Regional Policy Approaches to Decarbonise Shipping & Freight & Support Sustainable Port Communities

Saturday, November 12, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (EET), Thutmose Room in the Blue Zone

Governments, NGOs, industry, and academia will host a collaborative forum on the EU’s Fit for 55 package, the US Clean Shipping Act, and electrification and green fuels projects in the European Union, the United States, and Africa, sharing how mutually-reinforcing infrastructure, energy, and economic policies can decarbonize freight and transform port hubs.

High-level Forum on South-South Cooperation on Climate Change

Monday, November 14, 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM (EET), China Pavilion

The forum aims to sustain and mobilize enhanced support for pragmatic South-South cooperation and triangular cooperation on climate action, so as to build the confidence and increase ambition needed for further advancing the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

This event is organized by SEforAll and the Foreign Environmental Cooperation Center (FECO).

Coal in Net Zero Transitions: Strategies for Rapid, Secure and People-Centered Change

Tuesday, November 15, 11:30 AM (EET) – livestream here

Release of a new report that will explore the options for the power sector and other parts of the economy where coal plays a notable role. It will examine a range of policy and technology areas, including the potential for carbon capture, utilization and storage. It will also address investment and financing needs, taking into account the importance of ensuring reliable and affordable energy supplies and of tackling the social consequences of change.

A Mobility Just Transition: Perspectives on Inclusive Transport, Including Aviation Tuesday, November 15, 11:30 AM (EET),

Amon Room in the Blue Zone – more information here

This event will explore a just transition to sustainable mobility, with a particular focus on regional and gendered perspectives. It will include a deep dive into the hard-to-abate aviation sector to discuss how equitable net-zero aviation could be delivered while ensuring access to mobility for all.

This event is organized by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

Policy Frameworks for Ocean-Based Climate Solutions at Scale

Tuesday, November 15, 12:30-1:30 PM (EET), Climate Education Hub – more information here

This event will feature leading policymakers and ocean-environmental scientists in an interactive framework to advance ocean-based climate solutions at scale.

This event is organized by Ocean Visions.

Ocean-Based Climate Solutions: Enabling Frameworks for Action

Tuesday, November 15, 12:30 (EET), Climate Education Hub – more information here

This event will feature leading policymakers, scientists, and ocean experts in an interactive discussion that will focus on the next steps for creating supportive, equitable, and collaborative policy frameworks to advance research and testing of ocean-based climate solutions at scale.

This event is organized by Ocean Visions.

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) as an Ocean Climate Solution: Urgently Taking a Precautionary Approach

Tuesday, November 15, 3 to 4 PM (EET), Conference Room 5, Blue Zone

The side event will consider the complexities of ocean CDR and explore actions to minimize negative impacts. It will feature perspectives from scientists, representatives from non-governmental organizations, and technical experts who focus on ocean CDR planning and nature-based climate solutions.

This event is organized by the Ocean Conservancy and features Sarah Cooley, Director of Climate Science and Anna-Marie Laura, Director, Climate Policy.

Key Principles to Save The Carbon Cycles

Wednesday, November 16, 1 to 2 PM (EET), Bellona Pavilion – more information here

This session will present the importance of keeping efforts to reduce emission reductions separate from carbon removal. At the same time, it will be important to manage the geological and biological carbon cycles separately to ensure a sustainable path to net-zero.

This event is organized by Bellona.

Carbon Capture with Seaweed Cultivation – How to Do It Right

Wednesday, November 16, 4 to 5 PM (EET), Bellona Pavilion – more information here

During the event we will discuss and learn more about which climate effects seaweed cultivation can have depending on the use of the biomass and how we can develop a future seaweed industry that can contribute to net zero emissions.

This event is organized by Eli Mitchell-Larson.

Planning, Design, and Development in the Global South: The “How To” for People + Planet

Wednesday, November 16, 4:45 to 6:15 (EET), Room Hatshepsut (300) in the Blue Zone – more information here

Africa and the Global South will construct billions of square meters of buildings and infrastructure by 2030. Presenters will set out necessary design and construction guidelines, with regional examples, for equitable and resilient development to meet 50% x 2030 emissions reduction targets.

This event is organized by Architecture 2030, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES).

Accelerating the Path to Paris-Aligned Maritime GHG Emissions by 2050 through Cross Value Chain Collaboration

Wednesday, November 16, 5:30 to 6:30 (EET), U.S. Pavilion

Achieving the goal laid out by the Biden Administration to put the maritime shipping sector on a pathway to zero emissions by 2050 requires innovative, high-ambition collaboration across the value chain. In alignment with the Administration’s recently announced Green Shipping Challenge for COP27, this session will feature perspectives from across the shipping value chain — from ports to academia to cargo owners to maritime industry — discussing how they are contributing to the creation of concrete, ambitious decarbonization pathways.

Accelerating the Global Transition to Zero-emission Vehicles

Thursday, November 17, 3:00 to 4:30 PM (EET), Global Action Rooms in the Blue Zone

Supporting the sustainable transport objectives of Solutions Day, this high-level event will look at progress made since COP26 in the global transition to Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). This session will see the launch of the Accelerating to Zero (A2Z) Coalition, supported in part by the Drive Electric Campaign, and will showcase new action from countries, sub-nationals, and non-state actors to take forward commitments towards 1.5° C.