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ClimateWorks is a global platform for philanthropy to innovate and accelerate climate solutions that scale.

Five Questions with Helen Mountford

We sat down with Helen, ClimateWorks’ new president and CEO, to learn more about her background and what drives her work on climate.

Drive Electric Campaign

An audacious approach to catalyze cleaner transportation

Funding trends 2021

Climate change mitigation philanthropy

Our 2020 Annual Report

Converging crises, converging solutions

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philanthropy to end the climate crisis.

Fostering racial and social justice in pursuit of our mission

Commitments the ClimateWorks Foundation is making to deepen our efforts on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

Philanthropic climate priorities under Covid-19 recovery scenarios

Addressing the climate crisis under a wide range of uncertainties

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To end the climate crisis, we have to move faster, think bigger, and work together. Our collaborative global programs and services scale solutions and produce results that are bending the emissions curve.

Clean Cooling Collaborative

Racial and social justice at ClimateWorks

Racial and social justice at ClimateWorks

Drive Electric Campaign

ClimateWorks Global Intelligence

Greening the Financial System

Independent Global Stocktake

We help funders invest in effective climate strategies around the world.

​Since our founding in 2008, we’ve collaborated with foundations, NGOs, and climate leaders around the world to tackle climate change on a global scale.

ClimateWorks Global Grantmaking

$1.3+ Billion

Our world-class grantmaking infrastructure enables us to invest effectively in a wide range of global philanthropic opportunities. We’ve granted over $1.3 billion since 2008.

600+ Grantees

We listen and work closely with frontline organizations around the world. Our grantee network includes more than 600 organizations that advance climate solutions in over 50 countries.

2,300+ Grants

Our grantmaking capabilities have established us as a leading global grantmaker. We’ve made over 2,300 grants since 2008.