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How Energy Efficiency Cuts Costs for a 2°C Future

The world’s largest and fastest-growing economies can help limit global warming to 2°C for significantly lower costs by prioritizing energy efficiency in the transport, buildings, and industrial sectors.

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ReportForests & Land Use

Disrupting the Global Commodity Business

Emerging groups of indigenous, NGO, corporate, and government leaders are transforming a trillion-dollar industry to protect forests, benefit local communities, and slow global warming.

Climate Smart
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Climate-Smart Development

Produced by the World Bank and ClimateWorks, this report quantifies the multiple economic, social, and environmental benefits associated with policies and projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It finds that action to contain climate change can be a boon for economic activity and that, if done well, development can actually deliver significant climate benefits.

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ReportForests & Land Use

Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change in Agriculture

This report describes the main sources of agricultural emissions, reviews greenhouse gas mitigation opportunities in the agricultural sector, and presents guiding recommendations for philanthropic donors.

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Annual Reports

ClimateWorks’ annual reports for 2009, 2010, and 2011 are available here. They describe the programs, partnerships, and results that ClimateWorks supported, beginning with the organization’s founding in 2008. ClimateWorks did not produce annual reports for 2012, 2013, or 2014, but our Form 990s are available here.

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