Transforming movement of people and goods
A functioning transportation system is fundamental to a modern, prosperous society. It provides a means to get to work, connects us to friends and family, enables movement of goods, and catalyzes economic activity. Transportation today comes with large societal costs as it contributes to a quarter of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, thousands of accidents, hours of congestion, and air pollution that affects the lives and well-being of millions. However, transportation enhanced with the right policies and clean technologies can also contribute to a healthier climate and drive more efficient economic development.

The Transportation Portfolio

The Transportation Portfolio advances a sustainable, affordable, and low-carbon mobility system for people and goods movement. We broaden support for the transition to cleaner and more efficient vehicle and fuel technologies and for increasing the availability of efficient transportation choices including active and shared mobility. We work with NGOs, academia, business, policymakers, consumers, and other stakeholders to advance sound policy, innovation, and investment.

Transforming Transportation

For the first time in more than a century, there is potential for transformative change in how we move people and goods globally. Recent advances have positioned electric vehicles (EVs) – including two- and three-wheelers, cars, trucks, and buses – for commercial success, and enabled new mobility services and business models that increase accessibility and affordability. Done right, these interconnected technologies and trends can also reduce congestion, improve the health of millions, save trillions of dollars each year, and reduce transportation-related carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent or more worldwide by 2050.

The Transforming Transportation Initiative advances public policies at the national and sub-national levels, empowering city leadership, engaging business stakeholders, and targeting barriers to commercial success internationally and in key markets. We work in a coordinated way within and across the largest and fastest growing markets to unlock economies of scale, mature supply chains, reduce technology costs, and enable a growing global market for clean, affordable, and zero emission transportation consistent with global climate goals.


ClimateWorks leads the only philanthropic strategy and grantmaking portfolio to broadly address the climate impacts of aviation. The aviation sector alone contributes around 5 percent of global greenhouse gases (both CO2 and non-CO2) and demand for air travel is expected to triple by 2050. ClimateWorks and its partners support strategies focused on driving deep decarbonization of the sector including advancing policy support for truly sustainable alternative fuels and other low-carbon aviation technologies while also working to build public awareness of aviation’s climate impacts.

Transportation Research and Intelligence Network 

The Transportation Research and Intelligence Network (TRAIN) is a platform providing emerging mobility intelligence though communications to our partners. The TRAIN serves as a synthesizer of the latest developments in oil and clean mobility markets, advanced transportation technologies, policies, and strategies. Additionally, we’re utilizing a multi-faceted communications strategy to inform our partners about emerging and ongoing priorities in transforming transportation.

2018 Grantmaking

Portfolio Team

Anthony Eggert

Anthony Eggert

Program Director, Transportation

Lina Fedirko

Lina Fedirko

Senior Associate, Transportation

Amy Malaki

Amy Malaki

Associate Director, Transportation


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