A global challenge as complex and intertwined as climate change knows no boundaries and cannot be addressed in isolation.

Our Mission

ClimateWorks Foundation mobilizes philanthropy to solve the climate crisis and ensure a prosperous future.

Climate change is a complex global challenge. Governments, the private sector, civil society, and other stakeholders must all do their part if we are to succeed in solving the climate crisis and ensuring a prosperous future.

Philanthropy has a critical role to play. Individually, a number of foundations are making progress on different parts of the climate problem. And when foundations collaborate, their potential for impact is even greater.

ClimateWorks helps leading funders come together to be more strategic, efficient, and effective in their response to global climate change.

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ClimateWorks’ theory of change is predicated on shaping policy and markets to create a feedback loop that amplifies philanthropic impact.

Our Theory of Change

Solving the climate crisis and ensuring a prosperous future require dramatic changes in how we generate and use energy, organize transportation, build cities, and manage land and other natural resources. It requires governments, society, and the private sector to all do their part.

To avoid climate change’s most dangerous and severe impacts, we must reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to an annual total of 35 billion metric tons by 2030, and eventually cut net-emissions to zero. This transformation to a low-carbon world must happen quickly and globally. It requires governments, the private sector, civil society, and other stakeholders to all do their part and act with urgency.

Philanthropy can play an instrumental role by supporting sound public policy, educating the public, and collaborating with businesses. As forward-thinking companies and governments transform their practices, low-carbon choices will become more profitable and attractive to businesses, investors, citizens, and consumers. New technologies will emerge, clean energy markets will expand, and public support for climate action — including a new round of strong public policies — will grow.

ClimateWorks, in collaboration with other foundations, develops portfolios of philanthropic investments that help accelerate this virtuous cycle and the transition to a prosperous, low-carbon future.

ClimateWorks collaborates with climate leaders from around the world.

The Roles We Perform

ClimateWorks Foundation was created to help tackle the problem of climate change on a global scale. Our services help funders be more strategic, effective, and efficient in their response to global climate change.

Provide Research & Insights

We aggregate, synthesize, and present emissions data and political, social, technical, and economic analyses in a way that offers insights for climate philanthropy. These insights help funders prioritize opportunities to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, develop strategies that are robust under different future scenarios, adapt strategies to changing conditions, and track progress towards climate goals.

Develop Strategies & Portfolios of Philanthropic Investments

We collaborate with partners globally to develop portfolios of philanthropic investments designed to achieve large-scale greenhouse gas emissions reductions. With our partners, we evaluate insights from a wide range of sources, develop informed strategies, and cluster strategies into diversified, high-impact portfolios for philanthropic investment. We then monitor progress and apply candid assessments to drive learning and improvement.

Facilitate Funder Collaboration & Coordination

We facilitate collaboration among influential philanthropic funders — creating opportunities for them to interact with their peers, compare strategies, generate ideas, and coordinate investments that target the biggest drivers of global climate change.

One example is the Funders Table, which is an informal collaboration of not-for-profit foundations dedicated to climate change mitigation. Facilitated by the ClimateWorks Foundation, the Funders Table is a way for these organizations to learn from and work more closely with one another. The group examines climate trends, discusses climate mitigation opportunities, shares lessons learned, and thinks through how funders can best support the grantee community. The Funders Table is not a decision-making body; rather, its purpose is to improve the impact of participating foundations through dialogue and collaboration, as they seek to prevent dangerous climate change and help create a more prosperous future for all.

Fund Climate Change Initiatives

We make strategic grants that support select transnational initiatives and organizations addressing climate change in critical parts of the world.

Marshal Philanthropic Resources

We help increase the number of foundations working to address climate change and grow the overall size of philanthropic investment directed towards climate action. Central to this effort is our work with funders to help them evaluate investment opportunities that are aligned with their interests and priorities, and to connect them to peers.

Our values are the compass that guides us.

The Values that Guide Us

Our values guide our behaviors, engagements, and decisions. They are at the heart of how we do our work and achieve results.


We understand the magnitude of the climate challenge, and we work with partners to achieve results on the scale of the problem. We value science, measurement, and rigor.


We strive to be responsive, nimble, and adaptive. The issues we work on are constantly evolving. We must be agile enough to adapt to changing conditions.


We embrace collaboration. Farther together is better than faster alone. Different perspectives make us stronger, and collaboration creates space for new and better solutions to emerge.


We value bold thinking and action because they are needed to address climate change. We are willing to lead and innovate. We speak clearly. We celebrate success and learn from failure.