Philanthropic Investment Portfolios

Climate change calls for coordinated global action. ClimateWorks empowers philanthropic donors with a range of strategies to help address the challenge.

Buildings and Industry

Advancing solutions to decarbonize buildings and industry


Environmentally friendly, energy efficient cooling for all is critical

Mission Investing

Mission investing is a powerful tool to advance climate solutions


Transforming movement of people and goods

Carbon Dioxide Removal

Carbon dioxide removal is a must-have to solve the climate crisis

Forests and Land Use

Forests and sustainable land use are essential climate solutions

Non-CO2 Mitigation

Reducing super pollutants protects people and the climate

Clean Power

Clean power protects people and the climate

International Engagement

The scale and urgency of the climate challenge require multilateral action

Sustainable Finance

Systemic economic changes are essential to reach decarbonization goals

High-Impact Opportunities for Philanthropy

Global climate change cannot be solved in isolation. It is a systemic challenge that crosses regional, sector, and temporal boundaries and requires collective action and expertise, strategic alignment of efforts, wide geographic reach, and coordinated resources.

ClimateWorks’ portfolios offer funders, grantees, and partners a range of opportunities to take action on climate change, and supports them with expertise, insights, and capacity to make our collective efforts more strategic and effective.

These specialized portfolios work both individually and collectively to target opportunities in areas that demonstrate the biggest potential for mitigating climate change.

ClimateWorks collaboratively develops, funds, and monitors philanthropic strategies to curb greenhouse gas emissions and protect carbon-absorbing ecosystems.

Explore Our Grants

ClimateWorks makes grants to support organizations and initiatives around the world. We fund global and transnational programs, with a focus on experimental and emerging strategies, often in collaboration with other grantmakers.