International Engagement

The scale and urgency of the climate challenge require multilateral action
Efforts to implement and extend international climate agreements are essential to limiting global warming to well below 2° C and striving for 1.5° C. The Paris Agreement, the Montreal Protocol, and other multilateral climate-related deals are complex, evolving, and intertwined with sustainable development, finance, technology, research, and progress-tracking. For many countries, international fora are critical to how they motivate and structure commitments and subsequent policies. International agreements drive climate progress globally and work symbiotically to catalyze and account for local and national action to reduce climate pollution.

The International Engagement Portfolio

ClimateWorks supports international and multilateral agreements that drive climate action at the national and sub-national level. Grantees and partners inform international processes and make clear that collective action on climate is urgent and supported by constituencies around the world.

Movement Building

Climate change impacts people everywhere. ClimateWorks supports organizations and coalitions around the world that organize people, amplify their voices, and represent civil society in multilateral processes. The goal is to build bridges between the grassroots and international climate negotiations.

Strategic Alignment

With civil society from around the world engaged in international climate processes, collaboration and alignment are essential. Achievement of the Paris Agreement was in no small measure due to a willingness among myriad non-governmental actors to discuss goals, develop analysis, and message externally in a coordinated way. With action now on implementation and deepening of commitments, venues are far-flung, from local authorities to the United Nations, making strategic alignment more essential than ever.

Leadership For Ambition

Tackling climate change requires leadership. This can take the form of an individual diplomat who is skillful at rallying others, a company that takes on commitments well beyond what competitors are undertaking, or an initiative that unites leading countries to prove what can be done to press others to match them. ClimateWorks supports leaders whose efforts are bold and motivate ambition in others so that, collectively, we achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Strategic Communications

Climate action is more likely to succeed when policymakers and constituencies are well informed about both the damaging effects and costs of climate change and the possible solutions. ClimateWorks grantees make this possible by helping shape the political and media narrative, increasing public awareness, and creating political space for ambitious new policies. The main priorities are to promote clear and accurate communication of climate science and to shift the public’s focus on climate change impacts, drivers, and solutions.

Independent Global Stocktake

The Independent Global Stocktake (iGST) is a data and advocacy initiative that brings together climate researchers, modelers, and advocates to support the Paris Agreement. Reporting on climate progress is required under Article 14 of the agreement; iGST’s objective is to support this analysis, known as the Global Stocktake, and to increase its accuracy, transparency, and accountability.  

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