Clean Power

Clean power protects people and the climate
Power production, with its heavy reliance on coal, accounts for more than 40 percent of global carbon emissions. With projections that electricity use will grow by 80 percent in the next two decades, a fundamental transition to clean power is needed to protect the climate from the significant, increasing emissions the global power sector is producing.

Strategies and Initiatives

The Clean Power Portfolio focuses on transforming the power sector in Asia, Europe, the US, and Oceania. As leaders in these economies take action, they can significantly influence the direction of power systems throughout the world.

Clean power can catalyze dramatic reductions in global CO₂ emissions and yield significant additional benefits, such as healthier living conditions, increased energy security, and greater economic competitiveness. Strategies in the portfolio target key areas that, together, can accelerate the transformation of the global power sector.

As part of our collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Powering Past Coal Alliance, ClimateWorks co-produced this short video about the UK’s transition from coal to clean energy.

Clean Energy, Clean Air

To meet our global climate goals, we must transition the world’s power sector beyond coal to clean energy no later than 2050. Fortunately, the benefits of expanding clean energy go far beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. The burning of coal and other fossil fuels emit air pollutants that can create severe and long-lasting health impacts.

With outdoor air pollution on the rise – the World Health Organization estimates that 9 of 10 people worldwide breath dirty air – it is critical that we minimize exposure to these pollutants, especially from coal power.

Coal-fired power emits nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide, particulate matter, and mercury that are all dangerous to our health. Coal power also significantly contributes to global warming, producing 27 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Keeping these pollutants out of our air to protect public health requires stringent emissions standards in place today, even as the world works to transition entirely beyond coal.

With the advent of cheap, clean renewable energy, the continued use of dirty energy is increasingly uneconomic and detrimental to our health and environment. The Clean Energy, Clean Air program supports international efforts to rapidly transition beyond coal power and other fossil fuels so we can all breathe cleaner air, benefit from abundant clean renewable energy and slow climate change.

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