Camda for Credible Climate Action

In partnership with UN Climate Change and the Mission 2020 campaign, ClimateWorks has since 2016 supported and convened the Camda community to assess and support credible climate action from states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors. The Climate Group provides further support and coordination to the community around communications and outreach efforts. This community met at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid (COP25) in December 2019 and committed to “pressing record” on climate action, looking at targets, ambition, outputs, and outcomes to align with the Paris Agreement. Camda seeks to collaboratively create useful and reliable information on climate action by all actors, in the service of enhancing credibility and achieving increasing ambition over time. Camda includes work focused on methodological guidance, data and reporting, and aggregation of impact, and in 2020 we will be further exploring a standard progress framework for data collection and tracking of climate action, as well as the benefits of action for credible progress.

Key activities and grants


Beginning in 2016, ClimateWorks supported the development of a methodology to account for non-party (states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors) climate action. This work, conducted by World Resources Institute (WRI), NewClimate Institute, CDP, and The Climate Group, was part of our work package through the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT), which is supported by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, ClimateWorks, and the governments of Germany and Italy.

To complete this guidance workstream, ClimateWorks is supporting WRI (2019-2021) to produce guidance documents on application, to help users navigate through various options when quantifying non-party climate action. This will build on methodologies from related work such as the America’s Pledge report, the Global Covenant of Mayors’ technical aggregation methodology, the Global Climate Action Report, ICAT pilot analysis in India, and future applications of the ICAT guidance in developing countries (e.g., Colombia). Initial results will be shared with the user community by June 2020 and are planned to be released during COP 2020.


Working closely with the Camda community, the United Nations’ Global Climate Action Portal (formerly NAZCA) was relaunched concurrently with the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019. The key goals of this platform are to:

  • Map progress and maintain transparency and accountability in global climate action;
  • Showcase state, regional, city, business, and investor action that can be scaled to a national level;
  • Provide an accurate central database of global climate action that will show policy makers the need for increased ambition.

Reporting by states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors, and other cooperative initiatives are tracked in different ways. CDP and other data partners are working to develop criteria and indicators to track commitments and improve collection and processing of target-related data. To better support data sharing and accessibility beyond 2020, a common infrastructure is being discussed that could improve opportunities for collaboration while automating data collection and increasing access to information


The role of the data and analytics community is becoming increasingly crucial in order to understand the collective impact of increased ambition and climate action commitments from states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors. It is essential that national climate action and sub-national actions can be ratcheted up in ways that can mutually reinforce each other to achieve global climate goals.

For the Global Climate Action Summit in 2018, as well as the UNEP Emissions Gap Report and the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019, ClimateWorks supported updated analysis tracking progress of big international initiatives (e.g., the New York Declaration on Forests, RE 100, and others) and action in several major economies. This effort is driven by a consortium of partners led by Yale University’s Data Driven Lab, and was recently presented during an event at Climate Week 2019, “Action and Reward.” We also continue to work with aligned partners such as America’s Pledge and the Global Covenant of Mayors.

From 2020, the Camda community will build on the work of the three core workstreams to create a Progress Framework on Action, a standard framework for data collection and tracking of climate action progress in states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors. The next phase of work will also see the exploration into the benefits of action for credible progress made by these actors. More information will be posted as it is available.

Aligned Activities and Events

Galvanizing the Groundswell of Climate Actions is a series of open dialogues that aims to bring the groundswell of climate actions from cities, regions, companies, and other groups to a higher level of scale and ambition.

America’s Pledge brings together private and public sector leaders to ensure the United States remains a global leader in reducing emissions and delivers the country’s ambitious climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

ClimateWorks Camda Team

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