Associate Director, Programs Operation

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The Associate Director will manage key components of the operations of the Programs Team, including the Explore, Develop, and Scale (EDS) process; Results Framework and Results Framework Architecture, grantmaking, and other special projects as they arise.

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About the ClimateWorks Programs Team

The ClimateWorks Programs team is strong and growing. Currently a team of 33 people, it includes 12 senior experts (Program Directors and Strategists), each of whom engages partners in many countries to advance climate solutions globally. Senior Programs staff are sought after international experts, authors, speakers, and network-builders. Information on ClimateWorks’ Global Programs can be found here:

Job Summary

The Associate Director, Programs Operation will assist the Vice President, Programs Management and Vice President, Programs Strategy to manage key components of the operations of the Programs Team, including the Explore, Develop, and Scale (EDS) process; Results Framework and Results Framework Architecture, grantmaking, and other special projects as they arise. The Associate Director will be the program officer on grants that support the Team and Organization priorities generally, but do not fall specifically within one of our established initiatives.

Essential Tasks

  • Specific Tasks of the Associate Director, Programs Operation include:
  • EDS project management and coordination with ClimateWorks Executive Team, Program Team Directors and Strategists, and external partners (where necessary) to ensure (a) coordinated changes and updates to the EDS initiatives list with cross-functional partners, with each initiative appropriately named and categorized on our EDS initiative list, changes reflected appropriately in related systems, and up-to-date strategy descriptions in place, (b) each initiative up for a “gating decision” has the necessary documentation in place for presentation to the Executive Team; (c) the real-time learning results are incorporated into the EDS process.
  • Results Framework and Results Framework Architecture: coordination and management of programs/initiatives/sub-initiative mapping.
  • Lead role in coordinating across programs teams and with the ClimateWorks Finance department to ensure timely grant-making and appropriate budget management. Cross-department management for internal processes and programmatic priorities. Cross-department coordination and functioning as Program Team Point of Contact, where needed.
  • For ClimateWorks’ Fast Start Fund (FSF), which is allocated to specific flexible and responsive opportunities and grantmaking in high-priority areas each year: responsible for budget management, maintenance of spreadsheet of proposed and approved FSF grants; management of the approval process and Fluxx advancement, communication of grant awards to Program Team sponsors, and coordination with the ClimateWorks Finance Department.
  • Assist with the management of external partnerships for the Programs Team, including funders, grantees and partners.
  • Help to collect intelligence and insights across the PT to support external communications, including acting as liaison to the Communications team regarding the planning of the editorial calendar of Program Team communications.
  • Act as Program Officer on grants that do not fall squarely within the responsibility of any existing program staff.
  • Other tasks supporting the Vice President, Programs Management and Vice President, Program Strategy as they arise.


  • At least 5 years’ experience in a program support and management role with at least 3+ years of experience in a relevant field such as climate, environmental advocacy, etc.
  • Master’s degree in relevant field (e.g. engineering, policy, law, social sciences).
  • Extremely high attention to detail and strong organizational skills, including demonstrated strong project management skills. Proficiency with project management applications, grant making systems (Fluxx or equivalent), Salesforce and MS Office applications preferred.
  • Experience setting up internal systems and process to ensure efficient communication and management.
  • Demonstrated ability working on global teams, including the ability to successfully work cross-functionally for the betterment of the organization.
  • Proven diplomatic and problem-solving skills in a multi-stakeholder environment.
  • Experience working in service to broad range of clients and stakeholders. Solutions-focused, extremely collaborative personality.
  • Preference for experience with the philanthropic, NGO, coalition, legislative, or advocacy communities.
  • Self-directed with sound professional judgment.
  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently (both virtually and in-person) with minimal supervision.


ClimateWorks offers an excellent benefits package and a competitive salary that is commensurate with experience (geographic differential applied based on location).


ClimateWorks Foundation is based in the San Francisco Financial District. Our offices are closed due to Covid-19, and employees are working from home. We anticipate transitioning back to in-person work in our office in line with health and safety guidelines sometime in the second half of 2021.

Commitment to Racial and Social Justice

At ClimateWorks Foundation, we are driven by our vision of creating a thriving planet for all living beings for generations to come. We aim to foster an inclusive workplace that values diverse lived experiences and emphasizes the voices of marginalized people — especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color — who are most vulnerable to climate impacts, and whose voices, ideas, and leadership are crucial to winning the climate fight.

To ensure that we are making meaningful progress, we have made a set of diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments across all dimensions of our work to further our mission and realize our vision. For more information, please visit: Fostering Racial and Social Justice in Pursuit of our Mission

To Apply

ClimateWorks Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes a diverse candidate pool. The Foundation recognizes diversity as an asset essential to accomplishing its work and views diversity as encompassing differences in race and gender/gender identity, as well as age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, job skills, education, and geographic location. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

To be considered for this position, interested candidates must follow the link below to submit a resume and cover letter. This position will remain open until filled.